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It has been fifteen years since I first learned HTML and uploaded web pages. At that time, I was involved in artwork, sculpture, portraits, and stationery. I still dabble in art and enjoy it immensely, but being involved in showing and selling was very time consuming. I specialized in horses and animals, and most of my sculpture was in bronze. My husband and I attended horse shows and I was in heaven, being around the horses I love.

I've also done a good bit of writing, and so I've decided that this time I would like to share my articles and books online, so what better place to tell about them than on my own pages.

E-readers are gaining in popularity all the time, and while I don't believe they'll ever replace our need for books, they are very nice for those of us who like to have our reading material with us whenever possible, yet we can't always take as many with us as we'd like.

If my plans go as I anticipate, I'll have some of my articles and books available so folks can read them on the Kindle or Sony Reader or in any other medium they choose for their e-books.

This is going to take some time, I now know, because much has changed since 1996 when I designed my first web page. There are more complexities, but oh so much more that can be done. Fascinating in all of the myriad types and styles, all of the information you can obtain, I find the internet a wonderful place.

Still, I'm floundering somewhat, like a bird in a terrific onslaught of wind and rain, but I know I can find a place for myself. However, I'm sure can do this again. A burning desire to achieve a goal is all that is necessary in most cases.

For instance, if you find me rambling with words here, it is because I cannot remember how to make more space before the next section. Also I cannot remember how to do apostrophes, hence the absence thereof. Heh heh. (Note: As you can see, there are apostrophes now ... how it happened, I'm not quite sure, but I had to put this note here so you can see that nearly anything is possible with the internet.) I will get it yet. Then I can change this page.

E-books by Jeanie ...

Dare to Dream

The first story is Dare to Dream, a story of horses and people and making dreams come true. It is a wonderful story of events that actually happened, and you can learn how to make your dreams come true too.

It is really hard to believe what sorts of things can happen in our lives, and many years ago I learned how easy it is. You do have to be willing to put forth some effort, but you knew that already, right?

I had wanted a horse ever since I was placed on a carousel horse when I was just over a year old. My mother told me I cried when she tried to get me off the horse, and I clung to it as tightly as I could, no doubt screaming as she pried my fingers loose. I think I might have been a rather willful child.

When I was in my thirties, though, I was able to make that dream come true. I worked, I dreamed, I tried creative visualization ... anything that might work a miracle. And my dream came true.

Now you mustn't doubt that this can work, because it happened to me again. It was in 1997 after my children had grown and I had grandchildren, I was able to put it into action once again, but that time I wanted miniature horses. Oh my gosh but it was fun, and just as good as the first time.

Dare to Dream is that first story, and you can learn for yourself how to make your dreams come true.

Dare to Dream is available in Kindle format through through Amazon Whispernet

If Wishes Were Horses

If Wishes Were Horses was written especially for distribution through Many formats are available for anyone who doesn't have a Kindle and isn't able to read Dare to Dream.

If Wishes Were Horses is the same story about making your dreams come true, but the new title and cover were designed to appeal to a somewhat larger audience, especially since the story is appropriate for young folks, too.

My son, Richard, designed the cover for this second publication. All of my children were involved with the horses, both the first time when all three were young and lived at home and again later when they had children of their own.

When I got the miniature horses, and later an Arabian mare too, the grandchildren were around to enjoy them with me.

Those were some of the best years of my life, where I was able to have the horses I've always wanted, and to share them with the children around me who have always been my greatest joy.

If Wishes Were Horses can be purchased in e-book form for just 99 cents, or you can sample half of it for free. I hope you like it. To purchase or sample:

Sun Signs Dieting

Currently I'm working on a book that mixes astrology with dieting or maintaining weight. It's a really fun book where you can learn about astrology while you're thinking about losing weight or getting healthy. Previously published in softcover as Sun Signs Dieting, it will be available during the summer. It's going to be a more difficult book for me to get ready for publication as an e-book, but I'll get it there.

Watch for my announcement here and also on facebook.

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